Design & User XP

Mobile friendly websites that focus on lead generation.

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Organic Search

Natural way of obtaining placements on SERP's.

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Paid Search Marketing

Targeted advertising on search engines.

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Data and Analytics

Using data to drive business strategies.

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The use of software to purchase digital advertising.

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Structured Data & Feeds

Building strategies based on audience-formed information.

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Social Media

Management of social media accounts.

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Conversion Optimization

Guiding you to solutions that only suit your business.

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Content and Creative

Fresh and original content suited to the taste and heart of your business

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Increase your online visibility with us

Show Up in Searches

  • Perform in-depth keyword research
  • SEO Website Audit and upgrading of internal structure
  • Paid Promotion for quick, short term leads
  • Be seen as very relevant for a search term
  • Prospect for high quality websites to link from
  • Manage link building campaign
  • Spy on competitor's online profile
  • Remove toxic inbound links
  • Follow the rules of popular search engines
  • Update your website regularly

Become Viral

  • Create a blog or press room
  • Join top social networks
  • Research possible article topics
  • Write quality 1000 to 1500 word articles for blog
  • Get involved in micro-blogging
  • Launch a social network ad campaign
  • Prepare website for social sharing
  • Link your blog up to social networks
  • Request your clients and target market to join
  • Offer specials on social media
  • Offer to write an industry related article for a popular website

Track Changes

  • Analyze marketing analytics regularly
  • See where your pages rank for specific keywords
  • Find out what your average rank is
  • Identify problem areas and correct them
  • Identify opportunities and pursue them
  • Analyze social metrics
  • Track Paid Promotion Analytics
  • View competitor ranking changes
  • Monitor overall site health through regular scans

Keep the focus

  • Identify your main hook services or products
  • Split paid campaigns into focused advertisements
  • Create separate landing pages
  • Optimize the landing page to focus on conversion
  • Simplify lead generation contact process

Stay in Constant Contact

  • Create a content schedule and stick to it
  • Send out frequent updates, specials or news to social media
  • Add high-quality, in-depth articles to your website
  • Follow and connect to good quality social network profiles
  • Create link bait titles that draw attention
  • Send out regular newsletters

Good User Experience

  • Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Test your website for browser compatibility
  • Increase the security on your website
  • Balance out your information structure
  • Optimize your overall site loading speed
  • Monitor your server performance
  • Make the web pages easy to share
  • Respect the user's privacy

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